Client Testimonials 


Absolutely amazing, honest, empathetic and goes above and beyond. When you are finished with your reading, you leave with no questions and your heart a little lighter! I have been blessed to receive numerous messages (I like to call them, little gifts from heaven) for nearly 5 yrs. from her!
Annemarie   - New York 

Sitting with Lucretia is an incredible experience! She has an amazing way of capturing the personality of loved ones who have passed and relaying their messages in such a comforting way.
Amy   - New Jersey

I was able to hear from my lost loved ones - bringing me peace of mind, heart and soul. Lucretia was sweet and sensitive and spot on. I am so at peace after listening to messages from my loved ones. Thank you Lucretia.
Cheryl    - New Jersey

10 years ago the love of my life Kim passed away … it has been a whirl wind of messages from Kim to Lucretia. For 10 years now there has not been one that hasn't made the most perfect sense from Kim to me. If there is someone you would like to connect with that has passed on, give Lucretia a call you will not be disappointed
Ken   - New York

I recently lost my sister and needless to say I was heartbroken. Lucretia brought me the most beautiful message from her. I now know that all the signs that my family and I are getting are truly from her. Because of Lucretia, I have a feeling of peace that I didn't think was possible. I can't wait to talk to Lucretia again. Thank you so much Lucretia. My broken heart has become a little bit mended because of you and your special gift. Good Luck helping those of us who really need you.
Barbara   - Aruba

Lucretia shared messages from two people who had been extremely close to me. Not only did those messages include details Lucretia would not have known, but they gave me a feeling of peace and relief in some areas where I had significant conflict. I still think it's crazy … but do I think it's worth giving Lucretia a call?? Absolutely!
Kara   - Maryland

I was lucky enough to receive messages from some very special people I had in my life through Lucretia. Lucretia was able to truly to capture the essence of my loved ones. It was so therapeutic for me! The messages she had for me left me feeling lighter and with a sense of peace. She was absolutely incredible!
Jamie   - New York

I wanted to thank you for giving my family such a wonderful reading on Sunday.  It really meant a lot to us.  We already have started and will continue to talk about it and relive the experience that we had with you.  You touched my heart. It was very important for us to have validation. Thank you so much.
Cheryl   - Arizona

I was so touched by the reading that I had with Lucretia.  What a gift to be able to connect with loved ones that have passed.  Thank you is not enough to express my gratitude.
Stephanie B.   - Pennsylvania